Terms To Know

The person in charge of setting up sale for your organization. This person will determine start and end dates of sale, money turn in dates, delivery, or pickup dates, and is responsible for communication between the seller if there should be an error on your delivered order (color brochure orders only) This person is vital to a successful sale. All selling material should include chairpersons name, phone number and or email address.
The person who is in charge of selling material (color brochure) or distributing web link (token) to buyers. Sellers are responsible for collecting money for color brochure sales only and returning it to organization at end of sale.
The buyer will be asked to purchase candy thru a Daffin’s color brochure or will be provided a website link or token by seller. When purchasing through a Daffin’s brochure. These products will arrive at organization on chosen date, and the seller will be responsible for distributing candy to buyer.
Distribute by seller
If a buyer decides to purchase online with Daffin’s, when checking out at end of shopping cart, they will be asked if they would like to have candy distributed by seller. This means the candy will arrive at the organization and the seller will be responsible for distributing candy to the buyer. If buyer does not have a seller they are purchasing from, they should enter their name as seller. They will be responsible for picking up order on set date, time, and location. This information should be provided to you by seller, organizations social media/ website, or school district website. This service is free of charge.
When the buyer is ordering online, at the end of the shopping cart, buyer will be given the option to have order shipped directly to them. Shipping charges will apply. If buyer should have any problem with order, they should contact Daffin’s directly at shoover@daffins.com or calling 724-983- 8336 option 4.
When buyers purchase online, they will be offered the option to include an ice pack to their order. These are recommended when orders are being shipped to warmer climates. Handling charge will apply.
Gift Certificates
Daffin’s will be offering gift certificates on our online ordering system. Gift certificates are available in $25, $50 and $100 increments. Gift certificates do not expire and do not depreciate. There is a $1.00 fee for delivery of gift certificates. The gift certificates will be shipped to buyer 3 to 5 days after purchase.