Payment Policy:

  • All online sales will be charged to your credit card at the time orders are placed.

Shipping and Warm Weather Shipping Policy:

  • Orders will not ship until the fundraising sale is complete.
  • Check the weather forecast for your shipping destination at http://weather.com
  • For shipment to areas of the country with higher temperatures we recommend adding a cold pack to all orders. Handling costs will apply.
  • Daffin’s Candies reserves the right to postpone any shipment to certain destinations during the hottest months of the year. If this should happen, the customer will be notified via email. This is most likely during the months of April through October.
  • Please remember our quality chocolates must be protected from high temperatures.
  • If you receive an incorrect or damaged item please email us fundraising@daffins.com

Order Distribution Policy:

  • Orders that are being distributed by the seller will take place at the close of the sale. Your seller/chairperson will communicate this information to you.
  • If you receive an incorrect or damaged item, please reach out to the seller. They will then be in contact with the chairperson. Daffins will make every effort to fix any discrepancies.

Privacy Policy:

  • When you shop online at daffinsfundraising.com you are shopping on a highly secure site.
  • Your credit card information is only sent via secure encrypted connections, and we do not store customer data where it can be accessed via the Internet.
  • Your customer data is considered private and will not be sold or shared with any outside interest.

Return Policy:

  • Daffin‘s Candies stands behind our products.
  • If for any reason you were not satisfied with our products, please email us fundraising@daffins.com.
  • Please save the unused package and product.